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ACAB Radio Las Vegas

May 12, 2018

The fifth episode of the ACAB Radio Las Vegas podcast was taped live (before a studio audience) on the morning of the 12th Annual Las Vegas May Day / Primero de Mayo Marcha. Some of the topics of discussion included the origins of May Day dating back to the Haymarket Massacre that took place in 1886 during a protest advocating for an 8-hour work day in Chicago.

Additional topics included why it is one of the few genuine anarchist holidays, some of the reasons it is so underappreciated and misunderstood within the United States, and the fact that it is celebrated in virtually every other country across the world except here in the United States.

During the second half of the show, we discussed the case of Tashii Farmer-Brown, who was murdered by LVMPD Officer Kenneth Lopera on Mother's Day in 2017. Further discussion involved the treatment of protesters (and others) who are arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

As part of that larger discussion, we had a guest come on and talk about his own arrest and violent treatment at a protest shortly after Tashii Brown was murdered. He explained how a man had attacked a woman and attempted to pull out a knife while doing so. After he and others at the protest intervened to protect the woman, she along with those who had defended her were arrested. Meanwhile, the man who had attacked her was released without charges.

In addition, as was formally announced at the May Day in Las Vegas rally later that day #TashiiBrown's mother, Trinita Farmer, will be holding a vigil and memorial to commemorate the passing of one year since Tashii was murdered. This will take place on Mother's Day (May 13th) at 3pm in front of the fountains at the Bellagio Las Vegas hotel and casino, which is located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Next week (May 8th) on episode six of ACAB Las Vegas Radio, we will have Nissa Tzun on as a guest to discuss the Justice for Tashii Brown / 1st Year Mother's Day Vigil in detail. Nissa, who also appeared as a guest on our third podcast last month, works with the Forced Trajectory Project ( and Families United 4 Justice(, who are hosting the vigil.

ACAB Radio Las Vegas, a colaboration between Nevada Cop Block ( and Food Not Bombs Las Vegas(, is taped live before a studio audience (via Facebook Live) every Tuesday at noon. The podcast, which is hosted by King Ronald Mecklosky, Joey Lankowski, and Kelly W. Patterson, is recorded at the Happy Earth Market, located inside the historic Commercial Center District World Village, with technical and audio services provided by the HEMPodcast crew