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ACAB Radio Las Vegas

Apr 12, 2018

ACAB Radip features members of Food Not Bomb Las Vegas and Nevada Cop Block and is recorded before a live studio audience at the Happy Earth Market in Downtown Las Vegas.


In the majority of this episode, King Ron, Jay Lyfer, and Kelly "Special K" Patterson discuss their recent attendance at a "Coffee With a Cop" event. However, there was no coffee and the cops were extremely reluctant to actually speak with the public (while drinking complimentary coffee). Apparently, this also was not even an official Coffee with a Cop event but rather a meet and greet with a politician in which cops were also invited to attend.


In spite of those unusual circumstances, Jay Lyfer did manage to get an interview with one of the officers as well as a captain. Clips of that interview were played during the show. One of those clips included a comment by the officer that essentially indicated he would enforce unconstitutional laws if ordered to do so by the Justice Department. Also, a comment by the captain about how great a record of accountability the LVMPD had sparked a discussion during the show about the real history of corruption and lack of accountability within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.