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ACAB Radio Las Vegas

May 12, 2018

We discussed the April 5th shooting of Junior Lopez by officers Mills and Rivera of the LVMPD. We went over some of the inconsistencies within the body camera footage they released. We also discussed claims made by eyewitnesses that the audio on those body cam videos may have been edited, as well as a recent case in which it has been proven that audio was in fact edited by the Boulder City Police Department on one of their dash cam videos. Also, we pointed out the way Metro misrepresented what happened during the traffic stop in which Lopez was shot at their press conference and within the YouTube description.

After that we discussed the sentence Cop Block Network Co-Founder Ademo Freeman recently received in Ohio on marijuana related charges. An article written by Deo Odolecki, which was reposted to the Nevada Cop Block ( site, makes the point that Ohio is a state that recognizes the medical use of cannabis and Ademo is a registered medical marijuana patient and therefore logically should be able to use marijuana for that purpose, even if he's registered in a different state (Colorado). Regardless of that argument though, the reality is that it's silly that anyone should spend even one minute in a cage over something as harmless as pot. The real solution would be to end marijuana prohibition altogether and the prosecution of victimless crimes via the war on drugs.

There was also some discussion of controversial police tactics and the tendency of the thugs in blue to side with, if not actively support, white supremacists and outright neo-nazi group during protests. One example of this was a recent incident in Georgia in which people protesting against a white supremacist march were arrested for the "crime" of wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

There was also a report of an incident in which some members of Nevada Chalk Block stumbled upon a rather extensive graffiti crime scene in which chalk was used to write some sort of coded messages on the sidewalks of a local school. There was also evidence of people (presumably the same perpetrators) having committed hopscotch without a permit. Fortunately, all of this dangerous criminal behavior was documented with photographs so that LT. Mike Wallace (the LVMPD graffiti expert) can launch an investigation and nip it in the bud before it gets more out of hand.

Links discussed during the show: