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ACAB Radio Las Vegas

Jan 4, 2019

The show, which is a collaboration between Nevada Cop Block ( and Food Not Bombs Las Vegas( was recorded live before a studio audience.

As always, we'll have plenty to talk about on this episode of ACAB Radio. This week we will be discussing some of the local issues with police. First and foremost, Stephen Stubbs, a local lawyer and longtime friend of the show (, was actually arrested once again for refusing to leave his one of his clients. As was the case in 2013, he was again charged with obstruction. It'll obviously be interesting to see how this plays out. (…/attorney-stephen-stubbs-arrested-…/)

This will also include discussion of the recent spate of shootings by Las Vegas area police. As of today, Metro is now up to 19 shootings for the year and (when you include Henderson) there have been 10 shootings by the police within the past month alone, mostly in the last two weeks.

Their latest shooting involved a situation in which the man they shot had taken a hostage while robbing a pawn shop. However the hostage escaped from the man and took his gun away. Regardless of that, the LVMPD officers still shot the man and then released a K-9 on him.

In addition, we'll be discussing the case of a woman who was left to die in a jail cell in Northern Nevada. She sat in the cell for several hours after having died, even though one of the guards had already saw that she was dead and just left without rendering aid or even alerting someone. As well as commentary on several other news stories and videos that have "gone viral" nationally.

Once again we'll also be reminding people about the LVMPD's actions on the behalf of Officer Kenneth Lopera, who murdered Tashii Brown at the Venetian last year on Mother's Day. It's been announced that there will be a public "fact finding" review held where they will attempt to justify District Attorney Steve Wolfson's decision to drop the charges against Lopera. Of course, they picked September 11th (next Wednesday) as the date for that Orwellian titled hearing to ensure people's attention will be elsewhere. (…/public-hearing-regarding-death-o…)